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Sitting Down with Jackie Briggs and Lauren Crandall
FIH Player and Goalie of the Year Nominees

In the past couple of weeks the FIH has announced their nominations for the FIH Players of the Year! There are a few categories, including Player of the Year, Goalkeeper of the Year, and...
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FIH Rule Changes for 2015
Are you keeping up with the latest rules in field hockey? In the past few months the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has decided to change some of the rules in the game of field hockey....
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Final Four Wrap Up
This is always a special time of year for field hockey and fans of the sport because of the excitement surrounding the Final Four. The lead up to the tournament is always riveting and nerve...
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The Women's Champions Trophy Explained
The Champions Trophy tournament is hosted every two years and features the top 8 teams in the world from either the latest World Cup or Olympic Games. This means that if the tournament is held in...
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Brazil Olympics 2016 - Is Field Hockey In Jeopardy?
Just a few days ago the FIH released some interesting news about the sport of field hockey and where the organization hopes to see the sport in the next few years. For those of you who may not...
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For the Love of Hockey: An Interview with Philadelphia Field Hockey
You might have heard of Philadelphia Field Hockey . Launched on February 24, 2014, the site is making a huge splash in the tight-knit Philadelphia field hockey community, with over 722 followers...
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Academy Park High School Visit
Giving Kids Greater Access to Field Hockey

I recently visited Academy Park High School located just outside of Philadelphia, PA (it’s called Sharon Hill.)  Harrow and USA Field Hockey spearheaded a mission to send us to their...
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3 Most Common Injuries in Field Hockey
Getting hurt on the field is no joke. Here\'s a breakdown.

Why do field hockey players get hurt? You might not realize it when you watch a game, but we run up to six miles during a game. We contort our bodies in some crazy ways, while holding sticks, to...
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How Pro Athletes Practice Field Hockey
Let\'s just say that you were a professional\'s your day in review.

Playing field hockey has taught me a thing or two about discipline. Being a part of a team means putting the team before yourself and doing things for the best of the team. You learn to put...
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What’s It Like to Be on a Field Hockey Tour
Get a glimpse behind the scenes of a field hockey tour

Being on a field hockey tour is exciting … and tiring. Our day to day is fairly the same, but if we have a game against another team, we typically have a modified schedule. Most days we...
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Packing for a Field Hockey Tour
U.S. Women’s National Player Caitlin Van Sickle Takes Us Behind the scenes of her upcoming journey to New Zealand

Whoo - hoo! I’m going to New Zealand on a field hockey tour with the U.S. Women’s National Team. How exciting is that? We leave on October 11 and we won’t be back until...
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Game On! Field Hockey Equipment Breakdown
Field Hockey Equipment Can Make All the Difference in Your Game

Field Hockey is no joke. Balls are flying, sticks are swinging, and the right equipment makes all the difference in keeping us safe on the field. Whether you’re new to the game, or have...
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Getting Ready for a Field Hockey Tour
Take a Little Trip with the U.S. Women\'s National Team

As many of you may know, I\'m Caitlin Van Sickle, a current member of the U.S. Women\'s National Field Hockey Team. Over the past few months we have been preparing for a New Zealand field...
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What's In a Field Hockey Stick?
Buying the Right Field Hockey Stick

The composition and design of a field hockey stick is extremely complex, and it’s just not possible to cover everything you need to know in one blog.   However, I’ll give you...
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Wall Street Journal - The Dutch Secret to Soccer Success, Field Hockey!
The Dutch soccer team just nailed an exceptional win against Spain in the first round of the World Cup; winning 5-1!  Read how field hockey doesn\'t just help hockey players, but soccer...
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From Pakistan with Hockey Love
FH Life Magazine

Sialkot, Pakistan, 78 miles north of Lahore, is the sports equipment manufacturing hub of the world. Its ascendancy traces back to the British colonial period of pre-Partition India when British...
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Get your Stylin' Bquipped Tees
To get your very own Bquipped T-shirt please email - Bquipped T shirts are $20 each for adults and $15 for youth.  They come in sizes XL, L, M, and S for...
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The Importance of the Right Equipment
Hear from our friends at Gladiator Guards

Article by Bobbie Quinn The psychology of sports equipment How does gear affect your team? Obviously Bquipped cares tremendously about your equipment and that it is the perfect match to make...
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Bquipped - In The Capital
Bquipped Is the Online Sports Equipment Tailor You Didn\'t Know You Needed

Check out the latest article on Bquipped from Eric Schwartz of In The Capital.  Eric dives in to the background behind Bquipped\'s foundation and how it\'s revolutionizing how we search for...
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Bquipped teams with US Lacrosse!
Bquipped is teaming up with  Stephen  Berger, Men\'s Game Director from US  Lacrosse  and Boston Cannons All-Star Midfielder, to help us build Bquipped\'s  lacrosse...
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Win a bquipped matched hockey stick!
Tell us about your hockey stick and be entered in a drawing for your next bquipped matched stick! We would love to know what makes your hockey stick unique to your game....
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Thank you for visiting our latest website feature: the bquipped news feed!  This page will keep you up to date on our most recent exciting news.  Additionally, we plan to feature...
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