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For the Love of Hockey: An Interview with Philadelphia Field Hockey

You might have heard of Philadelphia Field Hockey. Launched on February 24, 2014, the site is making a huge splash in the tight-knit Philadelphia field hockey community, with over 722 followers on Twitter, and counting.

Managing Editor and Founder Kathleen Harte Simone couldn’t be more humble about her efforts, “I had this idea in the works for a long time. Now that my girls have gone off to college, here I am.”

And there she is. Simone, in fact, has been a little bit of everywhere during the fall ball season. She travels from game to game in her Philadelphia Field Hockey logoed car, attending games at the college and high school field hockey level, with her poodle in tow.

“Players will say, ‘I didn’t see you at the game.’ And I’ll ask, Did you see a dark-haired woman with a poodle? Then you saw me,” Simone laughs.

Simone’s mission is simple; she wants to highlight field hockey players, every field hockey player. Whether they are a star of the team, or just had a great game, she believes each athlete deserves the opportunity to shine.

“Even when I was an athletic director and coach, I would teach my girls about sportsmanship. If a girl made a great play, I’d say, ‘That’s a great play.’  At the end of the day, it’s a game. We play because we love it.”

The content on Philadelphia Field Hockey provides insight into ongoing games, scores, and the latest regional field hockey upsets. Through her articles, armed with a journalism degree from Temple, Simone has turned her site into a field hockey sports news outlet.

How does she do it? Over 131 high school coaches report to her every week. They provide insight into how their team played, who won, and what’s coming up next for the teams. She also conducts interviews, provides updates on field hockey coaching changes, and shows off the skills of players with beautiful photos.

The most impressive part of the venture, however, isn’t actually the phenomenal field hockey news reporting.  It’s the way these girls radiate excitement when they see Simone coming. Sometimes, Simone tells Bquipped, players will send messages directly to her, asking if she’ll be at their game.

Others, having seen her postings on Twitter, will loudly proclaim, “Philadelphia Field Hockey is going to be at our game.”

And while Simone won’t talk about any of her plans for expansion into other field hockey markets, the #hockeylove and #PhilaFHPride she’s spreading everywhere can’t help but be contagious.