Bquipped Equipment Education

Bquipped teams with US Lacrosse!

Bquipped is teaming up with Stephen Berger, Men's Game Director from US Lacrosse and Boston Cannons All-Star Midfielder, to help us build Bquipped's lacrosse stick application.  Our application will match you with a head and shaft for your game based on a personalized set of questions.  We demoed an initial version at the 2014 US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia and will release the application on this spring.  

We are always collecting data and information on lacrosse sticks. We'd like to know what you like about your head and your shaft and how it helps you excel in your game.  Or if you don't really like your lacrosse stick we'd love to hear that too.  To tell us about your lacrosse stick, please fill in our short questionnaire by clicking here.  Or if you prefer to share your story via video, then please upload your lacrosse stick video here.

Please visit us soon so we can help you find your next lacrosse stick!