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Academy Park High School Visit

bquipped visits academy park high school
I recently visited Academy Park High School located just outside of Philadelphia, PA (it’s called Sharon Hill.)  Harrow and USA Field Hockey spearheaded a mission to send us to their high school with hockey sticks. A contact at Harrow reached out to me and asked if the Women’s National team would be interested in donating some sticks to the high schools field hockey program.

I asked the team to gather all of their old sticks or sticks that they were not using anymore. All of the girls donated at least one field hockey stick (that’s 21 of us pitching in for #hockeylove) and were more than happy to throw in field hockey equipment too: gloves, turfs and grips. All in all we donated about 30 sticks and about 10 pairs of turf shoes.

Arriving at Academy Park High School

When I arrived at the Academy Park high school practice I was immediately greeted by the head coach, Susan Reutter. She’s also a teacher at the high school. I was carrying two stick bags loaded with sticks and turf shoes; she was shocked by all of the gear we had gathered together.

She called the girls on the team over so we could chat. They were mainly interested in the U.S. Women’s National Team’s day-to-day life and what we do in practice. The usual questions came up: where do you live, do you run a lot, and what other countries have you traveled to for field hockey?

I was happy to answer any question they had and we ended up talking for about 20 minutes before they had to get back to practice. Before their practice picked up again, I asked them if they had ever heard of the Bquipped app.

I explained to them that when they are looking for a field hockey stick in the future they could visit our site and we could help them pick their perfect stick – matching them  by their height, position and playing style. I also mentioned that we could use their help if they went to our website and filled out a quick survey.

One girl chimed in quickly and said, “Why don’t we all fill it out together during 6th period free?” Almost all of the girls agreed and sounded very excited about our new hockey stick matching app – especially testing out their new sticks and completing the survey on the Bquipped website.