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Sitting Down with Jackie Briggs and Lauren Crandall

In the past couple of weeks the FIH has announced their nominations for the FIH Players of the Year! There are a few categories, including Player of the Year, Goalkeeper of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year. All of these categories are for both men and women spanning the international field hockey scene.

Among the nominees are two of our own Team USA members! Jackie Briggs was nominated for Goalkeeper of the Year, and, USA captain, Lauren Crandall was nominated for Player of the Year.

I recently interviewed Jackie and Lauren on what the nomination meant to them personally. Both of the ladies slightly diverted the question and went right into how it would affect Team USA going forward. Jackie and Lauren said that they would not have been able to get to the point where they are today without the help of their teammates throughout the years. They reflected on how important the whole team is and that the nominations are a reflection of how far Team USA has come since the London Olympics.

I then asked them what their one piece of advice would be to younger players who aspire to play at the next level. Both of the women advised young players out there to have fun, and if you are not having fun playing your sport, then this may not be the sport for you. They also mentioned to focus on the process and not look too far ahead - develop fully as a player at each level before moving to the next. Lastly, the women felt very fortunate to have been nominated in the first place and emphasized how far Team USA has come just in the past year.

The other nominees for Goalkeeper of the Year are, Maddie Hinch (ENG), Belen Succi (ARG), Joyce Sombroek (NED), and Rachael Lynch (AUS). All of these goalies competed at the World Cup in Holland this past summer and all are very accomplished players at their position.

Lauren Crandall is also going up against some of the top players in the world. Nominees for Player of the Year include, Maartje Paumen (NED), Luciana Aymar (ARG), Lidewij Welten (NED), and Ellen Hoog (NED). Among these players is Luciana Aymar who has won player of the year 7 times already in her career and has recently decided to retire from international hockey.

It's not too late to vote for Jackie and Lauren if you haven't yet!  

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