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TK Platinum 1 (P1)

Price: £ 252.00
Bow: 25 mm
Weight: ~560 grams
Composition:  90% carbon
10% aramid

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Player Reviews:
I absolutely LOVE my stick. I play defensive, or a defensive minded midfield position, however, I am the striker on corners for my club team. The Platinum P1 is just heavy enough that I have lots of control on block tackles, yet it is not too heavy that I can't play a midfield position. I would definitely recommend this stick for defense players, or midfielders without a doubt!
I use the TK Platinum. I love the grip, the leanness of the stick, and the touch, while getting plenty of power. I am picky about where my right hand falls, and this is what I love most about all TK's, the mid stick is thinner.
Throughout the past year I played with the TK Platinum 1. Although it is an expensive stick, you definitely get your money's worth. The stick is fabulous with tackling (no rebounds), has amazing power for hits and sweeps, and also gives the ability to lift the ball whether it is a little lift over a stick or even an aerial.
I like my TK but i'm not 100% satisfied with it. I liked my old TK better but they no longer offer it. I think i need to get used to it. Overall, I recommend the TK brand and I feel as if they are durable sticks to play with.

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