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Harrow Titan

Original Price: $ 250.00
Current Price: $ 200.00
Bow: 22mm
Weight: 560 grams
Headshape:  Midi
Composition:  100% carbon

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Player Reviews:
The Titan is my current field hockey stick. I used it for 2 years in my most recent competitive field hockey phase and adored it. Nicknaming it The Hammer, for it's strength and hard hitting ability. GO HARROW!
I use the Voodoo Code Red. My club has a sponsorship through Voodoo, it has a great first touch and hits well. The Titan plays very similar to the Code Red, and has a great first touch which sets up the rest of the game perfectly. I have not had to pay for a hockey stick in about 15 years as I get them for free through club, sponsorships, etc. But I would highly recommend the Titan and I think it is certainly worth in the $300 range as compared to other sticks.

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