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Grays GX5000

Price: $ 164.95
Bow: 20mm
Weight: Medium
Headshape:  Maxi
Power Index:  Super Stiff
Composition:  50% fiberglass
40% carbon
10% aramid

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Player Reviews:
I've been using a Grays stick for 4 years now - I started out with a 750 and then eventually bought a 5000 and I've been happy with both purchases. As a defender, the Grays 5000 is a little heavier and this helps with strong clears out of the circle. I will definitely continue to buy Grays sticks in the future!"
GX5000 are no frill sticks, great weight distribution (very even), maxi head is best for my game, great touch, enough power, not too skinny or too fat. Very durable.
I love Grays sticks. I have been using them for over 15 years. When we are scrimmaging and I am not playing as a goalie I use a Grays GX6000 which I have had for 7 years.
Good average stick, lasted a long time

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