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Dita TERRA 20

Original Price: $ 250.00
Current Price: $ 170.00
Bow: 24 mm
Weight: Light, 19 oz
Headshape:  J
Power Index:  9.8
Composition:  60% fiberglass
30% carbon
10% aramid

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Player Reviews:
As a midi it is easy for me to get the ball up to the forwards with my stick! I just love my stick!
My dita v20 is decent. i feel sometimes it is too heavy for me.
I love the dita V20- heavy enough but not a cluncker. Good control and light enough to carry around.
I absolutely love my Dita. I've been playing with a Dita for 7 years, and although I've tried other brands, nothing compares. Dita provides just the right amount of control while still allowing a solid, powerful hit. I won't play with anything other than a Dita.
I like my stick a lot. It has decent power and has a good feel to it. Good stick for the backfield. I would buy it again.

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